Concert Review By Daynan Lepore Chris Janson at Fallsview Casino Feb 3,2018

The first international performance of Chris Janson’s ‘Drunk Girl’ was played for an ambitious crowd at the Avalon Theatre, the centre of the honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls.

And what a performance it was. Start to finish, and not just the hits either. Chris has the energy of all of his kids & bonus kids combined when he’s on stage. Not to mention the feedback he gets from the Canadian crowd, loving every second of it.

Right away Chris shows off his stage presence and love for the harmonica when he gets everyone up on their feet dancing with him. Whistling for more before the second song even starts. To top off his humbleness he makes the first of many Canadian toasts, reflecting his religious views and morals. Janson is one of the purest and gracious people in music, and it really shows in his live performances.

This isn’t just a one-man band; the crowd definitely was left in awe of some of the guitar and drum solos throughout the evening. Janson even took to the drums for one part where he played some Metallica, the first of many tributes he would make to other musicians during the night, including Petty, Cash, and even Bryan Adams.

He admitted he has just heard Summer of ’69 on YouTube before the show and wanted to play it for the first time, so he did. Fact is, the energy in the theatre with Janson’s performing is unmatched in my experience. There is never a dull moment throughout his show. You’re brought through so many emotions, pure bliss during some songs that lead to heartfelt realizations, to speeches by Janson, leaving you in such appreciation for him; there are not many places you can get this sort of feeling.

They kept the groove, for the full house, switching between acoustic and electric songs all evening. Throwing in the few nostalgic hits from their idols before ending swiftly without an encore.

The show was about 1 hour and 30 minutes and included a 15 song set.

Review by Daynan Lepore

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