Concert Review by Daynan Lepore Jake Owen At Fallsview Casino January 27,2018


One of the best ways to see a show at Fallsview’s Avalon Theatre is having the entire crowd up on their feet and upfront of the performer’s feet before a single note is even played.

Did I mention this was only in the opening act?

That’s because Jake Owen opens for Jake Owen. A 4 piece band, Jake, his guitar, mic, and chair. Oh and a giant flamingo flag that hangs behind him. This is an act that loves giving intimate shows and Canadianized versions of his lyrics. Right away you see how he loves connecting with the crowd, sharing 1 of 2 songs of his that he said was never played before.

Jake played 3 songs by himself, then expressed his gratitude and love for Canadians and their love of music. He taps into his humorous side when he cracks a joke before breaking into his last solo song. This song he turned into his record label and it wasn’t allowed on the album. A song about Hawaii with mild gibberish as the chorus, he got the crowd singing his made up words by halfway through.

The flamingo flag drops and his 6 piece band appears on their 3 tiered stage; Jake front and centre, ecstatic as ever.

They open with Beachin’, Eight Second Ride, and Real Life. Three of their fan favourites. You can hear the crowd singing along the whole time; hooting and hollering at their amazing piano and guitar solos.

It was a monumental evening for the Jake Owen band, it was their drummer, Myron Howell’s first time back in Canada to play with the band in ages. Then Jake announced they were about to play a song he just wrote and turned into his new label, Big Loud Records, for his new album. The crowd went crazy.

“Shit if you got a camera or something you might as well take a picture, make a post, cause baby this is about to get real… one day it’s gonna be on the radio and you’re gonna sing it even more, and you’re gonna say I heard it for the first time when Jake played at Niagara Falls, cause Y’all this is the first time you’ll ever hear this whole thing. Are you ready for this?” – Jake Owen

This Down to the Honky Tonk tune could just be their next big hit. Or I think that’s what Myron was trying to communicate when he went into a 2-minute mouth-watering drum solo followed by a Teach me How to Dougie break dance session in the middle of the stage.

The band continued with that same intensity the rest of the night, Highlighting each members talents, like David Wallace’s amazing work with his guitar solos.

Jake has been out in the big scene for over 10 years but he still has the motivation like a new artist. They have so much enthusiasm on and off the stage. If you were at the show you might have gotten really close and felt it yourself when he walked around the whole auditorium still singing to each of his fans, enjoying himself to the fullest; and ensuring his fans were too.

I can’t wait to hear this new album.

The show was 1 hour 30 minutes and included a 14 song set with an additional 3 song encore.

Setlist: Beachin’, 8 Second Ride, Real life, Down to the Honky Tonk, Good company, If he Ain’t Gonna Love You, Tall Glass, Alone With You, Starting with me, Days of Gold, Yeehaw, Don’t Think, Anywhere With You, The One That Got Away

Encore: Lax / Made for you, Barefoot Blue Jean, American Country

Review by Daynan Lepore

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