Interview with Ariel Posen on his new single “Coming Back” On September 18,2020 By Tammy Ann Chapman

On September 18, 2020, Ariel Posen released his much anticipated new single “Coming Back”.

We had a chance to get to know Ariel, talk about his new song and find out how he’s been managing through COVID.


  1. Tell us what it was like growing up in a musical family?


It was pretty amazing. I didn’t appreciate it the way I do now simply because it’s all that I knew. I was used to traveling on the road to watch my parents play shows in theatres and festivals. I was used to trying to watch TV at home and counting down the minutes for the rehearsal upstairs to be done. In the big picture, it shaped me into who I am today, and I am grateful for being exposed to all that at such a young age. I was never forced to play an instrument but was greatly encouraged. My folks never tried to talk me out of being a musician either, they just wanted to make sure that I knew what goes into it. 


  1. Have you always gravitated towards folk-rock?


I grew up on The Beatles and 90’s rock music. Once I got older, I got into as many different genres of music that I could. From jazz to pop to blues to roots to country to fusion to classical to bluegrass and the list goes on and on. Everyone and everything that I’ve listened to has shaped me and my sound and my truest expression musically come from folk-rock which I like to call Roots. I think it’s a good term because it takes a little bit of each genre while not leaning too heavily into any of them and acts as a melting pot to all those styles.


  1. Out of all the musical instruments, what made you decide to pursue the guitar? 


I couldn’t even tell you. It was probably the music I was listening to. I started on piano and was taking lessons and enjoyed it, but never fully connected with it. I felt an immediate bond with the sound of the guitar and even how it looked. Once I started, there was no question and no further interest in anything but a guitar. It was bound to happen that we’d end up together.


  1. You’ve been doing this for some time and have put out many songs. Which song resonates with you the most, and why?


That’s hard to say because every song represents a different time or event in my life. In terms of what I’ve already put out, I’d say ‘How Long’ has resonated with a lot of people, who have said that they connect with it. I wrote that song and didn’t know how it would be perceived and to see it take on so many different meanings is really cool.


  1. Tell us the inspiration behind your newest single “Coming Back”?


The initial idea from the song was just to write a relationship song. Not being able to keep yourself away from someone or something that may not be the best for you. I wanted to go with the heavier soulful guitar-driven songs that Prince and D’Angelo have done in the past. I definitely do not sound anything close to either one, but they have some specific tunes with big guitars, lots of vocals, huge drums, and all these similar elements. As per usual, anything and everything that I listen to or have put time into find’s its way into my subconsciousness as well. It’s a mix of all those things!


  1. What can fans expect to hear from your upcoming music?


The new music is on the same musical path as ‘How Long’ but the writing and the songs have evolved a little. If you enjoyed what I’ve put out so far, then I think you will like this as well. I’ve gotten more comfortable over the last 3 years of touring as a solo artist, as a guitarist, as a singer, and everything else and I like to think that it shows in this new chapter of music. I just wanted it sound genuine and honest and I truly feel that it sounds like me.


  1. What do you love the most about touring? 


I just really love traveling. I love visiting places or the first time, as well as places that I frequent and know my way around. It keeps things exciting for me. On top of that, getting to play your music with different people every night is such a rewarding and soul-filling experience that you can’t get from just playing locally. I also really like finding coffee shops in each town. 


  1. If you could take any artist on tour with you who would it be?


I think if I could do that, it’d be tough to just pick one artist. I’ve had the great fortune of sharing the stage with some truly incredible people, and I wish I could bring them all out on the road and make a festival out of it! That being said, if Stevie Wonder ever wanted to co-bill, I’d be up for that…


  1. How have you been managing with the new restrictions to live music?


I consider myself to be lucky for sure in this regard. I’m able to still be making music in different types of capacities. Lots of lessons, videos, recording sessions, and producing for artists. On top of that, I’m still able to write and be creative and work on more music and take advantage of this time at home! Trying to take it for what it is and find the good in it, rather than missing all the shows I could be playing. 


  1. What can fans expect from you over the next few months?


I guess there’s only so much that we can plan for at this time without knowing the outcome of the current state of the world. All I can say is that I plan to keep doing the same stuff, keep writing, keep recording new music, and stay creative. Most importantly, I’m excited to start getting more of these songs out of the world and sharing this new music!


Ariel’s music is available on all major music platforms and you can follow him on: 


Twitter: @arielposen

Facebook: @arielposen

Instagram: @arielposen


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