Interview with Redhill Valleys By Tammy Ann Chapman

The Redhill Valleys recently took the main stage and performed for the Ontario Country Music Awards alongside names like Tim Hicks, Robin Ottolini, The Western Swing Authority and Susan Aglukark. 

Classifying themselves as an Americana and Roots Rock group, Chelsea McWilliams (Bass/Vocals), Tim Allard (Lead/Guitar/Vocals), Danielle Beaudin (Guitar/Vocals) and Matt Soliveri (Drums) entered the music scene in 2016 and haven’t stopped since.

We had the chance to catch up with the band in between their performance dates to discuss their new single, upcoming tour dates, and more …

  • How does it feel to be nominated for the Country Music Association of Ontario’s Roots Group of the Year Award?   


Being nominated for CMAO’s Roots Group of the Year is very exciting for us. Roots music is a genre that we all hold near and dear to our hearts, so to be recognized by the industry is an honour.

  • Tell us a bit about Redhill Valleys? How did your band come to be?

Danielle: Tim and I worked as assistant engineers at Westmoreland Recording Studio, which progressed into also performing duo shows together at bars and venues. I was introduced to Chelsea with the intention of writing together or simply connecting with another female musician with similar interests and circumstances. After several months, it just made sense for the three of us to get together. In 2016 we released our first album, and after meeting Matt at Walmart in 2017 (true story) we felt like a whole new band with a new and improved sound.

  • What made you decide to pursue country as your genre?

Country music in Canada encapsulates a range of styles from Roots, to Singer-Songwriter, Americana, and Pop. The umbrella of country music gives us the freedom to be ourselves and to feel connected to our music.

  • What have been your top 3 takeaways so far in your career?

  1. Don’t wait for other people to do things for you. 


  1. Have fun. Buy a van.


  1. Make music you like.

  • What other bands have inspired you and why?

Some of our inspirations include Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Lucinda Williams to name a few. We respect the music they make, as well as the longevity of their careers, where they have held similar values as us.

  • What can fans expect from you for the remainder of 2021?

Throughout the remainder of the year, fans can expect a new single, a new video and some concerts!

  • What have you been doing to help you get through the pandemic?


The pandemic proved to be a very productive time for us. Due to the absence of concerts and touring, we were able to focus on completing our album as well as film 3 new music videos to accompany our latest singles.

  • Can your fans expect to hear any new music from you?

Yes, very much so! We have a new single that will be released very shortly and our full length album will be released early next year.

  • If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry, who and why?


I think each of us could probably give you a different answer to this question, but honestly we are just open minded to working with people who have a similar vision as us, who are nice, and fun to spend time with.

For more information about upcoming events, new single drops and more, visit their website:

The Redhill Valley’s new song “Finish Line” is available on all major music platforms. Check out their video in the link below.


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