Tebey with opener Matt Lang at Opera House on Friday Feb 7th,2020

Last night on February 7th Matt Lang, who recently won the coveted 2019 SIRIUSXM Top of the Country contest, opened for Tebey at The Opera House in Toronto, Ontario. The venue was packed and the fans were amped, you could hear everyone singing and dancing along.

Lang is a Quebec native who’s debut national single ‘Water Down The Whiskey’ was the most added song at all Canadian radio formats during its’ first week of release. His debut single ‘Love Me Some You,’ has over 1.6 million Spotify streams, and 2.7 million all-time streams, kickstarting his Canadian country music career in English.

The crowd had settled as they switched the stage up for Tebey. The fans erupt in a chant “Tebey, Tebey” the venue goes dark and the cheers begin. Tebey took to the stage for his first headline tour The Good Ones.  Showcasing his hit songs like ‘Denim on Denim’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’ which are his biggest hits to date achieving Gold status and 7 million streams and 5 million streams respectively.  Also, Tebey’s current single ‘Good Jeans’ recently nabbed the #2 spot on the country radio charts.

The evening was well done and Tebey definitely held his own for his first headline tour.

The set list of last nights show is as follows;

Bad For Me

Wake Me Up

When The Buzz Wears Off

Jealous Of The Sun

Somebody Else Will

Good Jean’s

Who’s Gonna Love You

Some Of It

Fast Cars And Freedom

The Good Ones

Stay A Little Longer

Light Weight

Now I Do

Somewhere In The Country

Denim On Denim

Encoure – Lotta Leaving

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