Chris Janson At The Avalon Ballroom Theatre Thrusday Feb 6th2020


Last night even with the weather warnings for the snow and the possibility freezing drizzle that left the streets slick and icy, the snow didn’t stand a chance to Chris Janson fans who were determined to make it to The Avalon Ballroom Theatre At Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, Ontario . Despite the terrible weather, The Avalon Ballroom Theatre was packed with country music lovers ready for a fun night.

You can tell the crowd was getting anxious when the curtains opened and Chris Janson’s name flashes across the stage screen and everyone erupts in excitement. As the band members begin to take their places it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for, Chris Janson! Janson struts onto the stage singing “Redneck Life” from his album Everybody. The entire crowd is singing along as Janson bounces around the stage. Not only does he shred on the harmonica, but continues to dance like nobody is watching.

Janson is such a genuine man and humble to be at The Avalon Ballroom Theatre. He gives a toast to the crowd for making it out in the midst of a bad weather and states, “it’s so good to see you. You’re such a blessing.” It’s great to see an artist who appreciates their fans and gives their all on stage.

The show swings into full gear with fan favorite, “Fix A Drink.” As Janson waltzes across the stage he has a quirky and funny swagger. He goes on to teach the audience his signature silly dance moves and encourages everyone to let loose. You can tell he is extremely grateful to be performing and goes on to say, “CANADA….There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. I say it everywhere I go, I say it in the press, I say it on TV, I say it on the radio, I say it here tonight. I love your country, I love your people and thank you so much for having us.  ”.

As he moves to the piano he showcases another instrument that he’s mastered. Janson sings his own version of the classic “Piano Man” switching up the lyrics to fit tonight at The Avalon Ballroom Theatre. The night moves to a more serious note as Janson describes his inspiration for his newest and fastest growing single “Drunk Girl.” This song is very well written with its emotion filled lyrics and relatable storyline.

Inevitably the night draws to a close yet nobody is ready for the show to end. Janson belts out the song that launched his career “Buy Me A Boat”, which has everyone dancing and singing along.

Janson’s deep country twang and honky tonk silliness are the perfect combination for a fun show. Everybody left The Bluestone ready to buy tickets to Janson’s next concert.

Set list for last night’s performance;

Redneck Life


Fix A drink

Power of Positive

Real Friends

Waitin on 5


Mine Does

Good Vibes

Beer Me

Say About Me

White Trash

Going Through Something

Hawaii On Me


Drunk Girl

Love This Life

Truck Yeah

Buy Me A Boat

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