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Kris Barclay


  1. Your new track “More Than Whiskey” dropped April 1 and it’s already a favorite with your fans. What is the inspiration behind the song?

I’m so grateful that people are connecting with the song. I actually didn’t write it, Meghan Patrick sent it to me and it immediately resonated with me and really hit home so it seemed like a no brainer the second I heard it. I’m just grateful to be the artist that gets the opportunity to bring such a well written song to the world.


  1. What was it like working with Jeff Dalziel?

Jeff is awesome. He’s so approachable and about the music, which made trusting him with the song super easy. His positive approach and his method of recording was so great to work with and we’re both big hockey fans so we spent a ton of time just hanging out and talking hockey on top of recording, which made the process even better.


  1. What can fans expect to hear from the rest of your album?

It will be a cross section of all the things I love about country music. Fun upbeat songs that people like to party to, and also emotional storytelling songs that people can really connect with on a deeper level.


  1. If you could collab with anyone else who would it be and why?

That’s a great question. There are so many, but if I had to narrow it down in country music today, I’d probably pick Thomas Rhett, Eric Church, or Morgan Wallen. Their songwriting styles, and delivery of their vocal performances are so unique and original. I’ve seen all three of them live more than once and they always have a killer live show. I look up to all of these artists a lot, it would be a dream come true to work with any one of them.


  1. 2018 was a pivotal year for you. What was it like winning the Emerging Artist Showcase?

It was a dream come true! For years, I went to Boots and Hearts as a fan hanging out in the crowd watching the shows thinking about how bad I want to be up there one day. To be on that stage and looking out at the crowd where I stood years before and being in that moment was a memory I’ll never ever forget.


  1. What has been your most memorable on stage experience so far?

I’d have to say winning that showcase. It was such a special memory to be able to share that with my family, who has been there for all the ups and downs the music industry has to offer. To be able to see them out there was an incredible moment.


  1. Off stage, you’ve been passionately involved in charity work. Tell us about the Wounded Warriors of Canada project?

Growing up, my grandfather was a soldier. He served well over 20 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and retired as a Warrant Officer. He was my best buddy growing up and I always looked up to him and his accomplishments. If not for hockey and music, a big part of me thought the military was a realistic career choice for me. Since my life has taken a different direction, working with organizations such as Wounded Warriors Canada is my way of serving without having served, if that makes sense. PTSD and operational stress injuries (OSI’s) are a very real thing for many in our veteran and first responder communities and Wounded Warriors Canada does an amazing job with their programs and partnerships to help. I’m really proud to have teamed up with them and in the middle of the pandemic, we hosted an event that raised $4000 put directly into programs for our veteran and first responder community. That’s just the start, I can’t wait to continue to build on that and continue to be there for those who have stood up for us.


  1. What other passion projects are you a part of?

When I’m not doing music, you can find me at the rink. I train hockey players and spend a lot of time developing the next generation and passing on the game to kids coming up. Every year we see kids progressing and even some getting drafted to Major Junior leagues or making their way into University/College Hockey. Whether they’re 5 years old and learning to skate or they’re at the point of realizing their dreams, it’s something I take very seriously and truly love to do.


  1. The pandemic had a huge impact on the music industry. What was the biggest challenge for you as an artist?

I got into this industry playing live shows. Although I really enjoy a lot of the other parts, including writing, recording, and everything else, my favorite by far is being on stage. Trying to stay focused mentally while not being able to do the thing I signed up for, or the thing I love to do the most was challenging. I’m really looking forward to the return of live music and being on the road!


  1. Do you have any advice for musicians looking to break into the country music scene?

It’s age old advice but it holds true…Nothing happens overnight. Be patient, enjoy the ride!


  1. What can fans look forward to this coming Spring and Summer?

I’m really looking forward to being on stage as much as possible, stay tuned for announcements coming soon! Also, more new music is right around the corner!



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Instagram: @kris.barclay


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