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Sarah Wickett

Sarah Wickett is no stranger to the music scene. She started her career off by earning a showcase at Canadian Music Week and the 2017 Canadian Country Music Awards and opened for veterans like Bobby Wills and Robyn Ottolin and has performed for full crowds at the Opera House, Casino Rama and on multiple stages in Nashville.

This year, Sarah redefines her sound with the release of her pop-country track “Routine” and her latest “Good Friends” which has quickly become a fan favorite:


Your new track “Good Friends” dropped June 24. What was it like to work on this song?

  1. A) I loved working on “Good Friends”. Writing the song with Jesse Slack was so much fun and then bringing it to my producers, Mark Schroor and Erik Fintelman, was a dream. Every time they sent me a mix back, they had added something new that would completely transform the song. It was great. It’s amazing working with such talented people!

If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry right now, who would it be and why?

  1. A) I’ve been dying to collaborate with another Punjabi artist. I have a list of local artists who I would LOVE to get on one of my Desi-Pop Country tracks. I also really debated featuring a Punjabi artist on “Good Friends”. It may still happen – we shall see!

What can fans expect to hear on the rest of your album?

  1. A) A little bit of everything. I was just in the studio recording vocals for a song that sounds a bit more Latin. It’s really cool. There will definitely be a couple sad songs on there. My album is basically going to tell the story of how my life’s been going from the beginning of 2021 until now.

You must be excited to get back on stage. Where will you be touring this year? 

  1. A) I am SO excited. I’ll definitely be playing some shows in Canada. I’m excited to be playing in Calgary for the CCMA’s this September.

What other passion projects are you a part of?

  1. A) Oh so many. I’m learning Punjabi, which has been really challenging but super fun. My boyfriend and I do a lot of YouTube vlogging and content creation together. I also have a mini driftwood art business called “Damn That Driftwood” where I sell unique driftwood pieces on Etsy.

I love how multi-faceted you are from singer/songwriter, content creator, and social media expert. You specialize in more than just music, could you tell us a bit more about your experience in fashion and travel?

  1. A) Thank you so much. Absolutely! I think it’s important to have more than one passion and traveling is definitely one of mine. My boyfriend and I have been really trying to hop on the influencer train so that we’re able to experience really cool places together in a unique way. We spent our 1 year anniversary in Montreal at Le Meridien, whom we did a brand deal with and it was an experience we will NEVER forget. I’m excited to continue diving into that passion and hoping to do more of that kind of stuff next year. We really want to go to Mexico and India.

Do you have any advice for musicians looking to break into the country music scene? 

  1. A) Be different and unique in your own way. Know that you’re going to have to be more than just a country music artist, you’re going to have to do it all and work hard at it. But it is definitely all worth it and the little milestones will keep you going! Don’t ever give up.

What can fans look forward to this coming Summer and Fall?

  1. A) Definitely new music! I will be releasing more songs. I will be playing a few shows which are listed on my website! I’ll be heading to the CCMA’s in September, which is super exciting.


Twitter: @SarahWickett
Facebook: /SarahWickettOfficial
Instagram: @sarahhww

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