Billy Idol played at OLG Stage May 5th 2023

OLG Play Stage located at Fallsview Casino Niagara has started off concert season with a bang with their new and improved 5000 seat theatre. On Friday May 5th the one and only, the bad boy from London England Billy Idol took the stage for an epic night of endless hits. The 67 year old doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon with a big tour ahead for the summer. But there’s something to be said about touring since 1967 and that’s longevity, something Idol has managed to do and get even better with the times we’re living in now.

Along side to his right is literally his “right hand man” Steve Stevens, the name has the weight and says it all without the need to explain. But if you did need a refresher, his 1987 global instrumental grammy hit being the theme song for the world acclaimed Top Gun movie franchise, could be a start.
On this trip through time many lifetime fans got to see their “Idol” for the first time and for others being their 50th show after overhearing some die heart fans’ conversation. Sometimes people forget how impactful music can be and how it can change a persons life, Billy sure has created some of those moments for millions across the globe. And what’s better than Billy Idol music? Billy Idol and his band life of course.
Some treasures that joined us that evening was of course White Wedding, Rebel Yell, Mony Mony, Eyes Without A Face, Hot In The City, Flesh For Fantasy and Dancing With Myself, man am I out of breath. The list literally goes on and of course the crowd at OLG Stage knew every word to every song. Remarkably Idol has maintained his vocals after all these years, but that usually is standard with artists that worked the underground circuit in the beginning of their careers, playing some nights 6 hours plus at the pub really helped with the stamina over a very long career.

Some major highlights of the show are the pure energy that Idol and his team of talented band members bring to the stage, almost seeming effortless. The Steve Stevens guitar solo time was legendary, literally legendary when he pays tribute to many other famous guitarists and covering some of their hits such as Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. When Billy Idol comes to your town, you won’t want to miss it, let me tell you!

Elliott Deseure

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