Interview with Dani Strong By Tammy Ann Chapman

Rising Canadian Country Music Star Dani Strong is no stranger to the scene.

Her 2018 album “Time To Breathe” earned her two international independent music awards and her brand new album “Undefined” is now out on all major music platforms and has been warmly received by her fans.

We had the chance to catch up with Dani and discuss her new album, what it’s been like working with Dan Brodbeck (The Cranberries), and more …


Fans are excited about your album Undefined, what inspired its title?


Undefined is a collection of 13 highly individual songs that each have their own backstory and purpose on my journey. My producer, Dan Brodbeck and I decided that this record we were going to produce each song for the song… not produce songs to fit on a record. The title Undefined was my way of expressing that I didn’t necessarily want to have to pick any one particular genre, although storytelling finds its way throughout the whole record, and that’s why Country music is my fave.



Your hit “Wild Summer” has been a huge success, what can fans expect to hear from the rest of your album?


THANK YOU!  🙂   I really enjoyed writing ‘Wild Summer’ and then fell completely in love with it after I heard the finished product. I admit that ‘Wild Summer’ is VERY different from the rest, for the record… although the record is so diverse that everything is very different.  So as long as the fans expect to hear a diverse collection of great music… I think they will enjoy this record as much as I do! 🙂 


What was it like working with Dan Brodbeck?  


Dan is the man!  I just love that guy.  We get along very well, always have. I met him through my husband who had been working with Dan for years with his original band, “The Salads”.  So, I did a demo with Dan in 2007… and I haven’t worked with anyone else since then. We just really like the same music and have very similar ideas… and if we don’t have the same ideas, we always listen to each other and in the end, choose what’s best for the song.  Aside from unfathomably talented, he is also hilarious… which is the best combo. 



What made you decide to pursue a career in music and why country?


Ohhh… Music is literally the ONLY thing that I could do forever and still be happy doing it.   I like change, and movement, and adventure… MUSIC provides that for me. It’s not always an easy journey (huge understatement) but it is a fascinating and exhilarating journey that not many people have the opportunity to do.  To me, music is a way to emote, and communicate. The storytelling portion of my music is SO IMPORTANT… Country music is and has always been about the stories. 


Performing at the 2017 Boots and Hearts must have been quite the experience. What was the biggest takeaway for you? 


TO SLOW DOWN AND DRINK IN THOSE MOMENTS!!!  I’m so happy that I did take in that moment. Who knows if I will ever have an opportunity like that again! To play Main Stage at one of the biggest (the biggest??) festivals in the country… on the same day as Luke Bryan was damn awesome! I can picture every single moment of that set and all our smiles in my band as we played. It was amazing!  So grateful! 



If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why? 


Tour? Stevie Wonder. 🙂 But out of Canada? hmmm well they would have to be a damn good time if we’re going to be on the road together… so I will say maybe The Dungarees or Kelly Prescott…  I’m a huge fan of those artists and I KNOW they are more than a good time.  The memories would be incredible. 

What lessons have you learned in your musical journey so far? 


As cliche as this is… to never (ever) give up. I can’t stress that enough. But to also work your damn ass off.  The phone does not just start ringing on its own.  You have to work sun-up to sun-down and through all the darkness in between


Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into this industry?

Be humble. Listen. Be grateful.  ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW… it might not get much bigger than what it is… and that’s ok… so love who you are and what you are and where you are RIGHT NOW! 


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