Concert Review By: Tishanne Dupuis Emily Reid & Eric Ethridge Opened up for Brett Kissel at Scotiabank Convention Centre Dec 29th 2019


If you were one of the many 4,500 that came out to see Brett Kissel perform at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls, you witnessed a night of non stop partying and fun.

Emily Reid kicked off the night performing a few of her songs including “Good Time Being A Woman”, and “The Right One” written for her husband.

Eric Ethridge followed and got the entire crowd up on their feet singing and dancing. A few of the songs he performed were “Between Me and You”, and “Liquor’s Calling The Shots”. Ethridge even brought out his wife Kalsey Kulyk for a duet.

Brett Kissel and his band lite up the stage for their last concert of the decade. This show was one of the very best I’ve ever seen.

Kissel gave all he had to give to make this night so memorable for so many. At one point he stopped the show and asked the crowd to pass a sign up to the stage that had caught his attention, a young boy had been holding a sign that read “My parents are getting hitched and between you and me, I’d love it if you were there”. Kissel being the kind, down to earth man that he is invited the young boy and his parents up on stage to join him. Kissel had told him that he couldn’t make any promises as he was not sure what his schedule entails for 2020 but he would like to honour them by dedicating one of his new songs dropping January 1st 2020.

Kissel’s set was filled with fun, emotion, crazy talent, screaming fans, amusing banter, thunderous applause and cheers and an artist so engaged with the crowd. The band’s energy was limitless. The crowd could be heard singing all the words to every song. This all tied together to make a very powerful show.

There were a few cover songs and everyone was captivated, the cheers from the crowd after these were performed showed that they were quite serious about having the time of their lives tonight.

The one thing I know for sure is that the night ended much too soon, for Kissel, his band and the fans. With his infectious smile and the genuine joy that he brings to the stage, if someone wasn’t a Brett Kissel fan before, they are now.

Brett Kissel – Set list December 29, 2019
A Night Of Canadian Country
Scotiabank Convention Center – Niagara Falls,ON

– Started With A Song

– We Were That Song

– Guitars and Gasoline

– Canadian Kid

– Cool With That

– Pick Me Up

– Raise Your Glass

– Drink About Me

– Drink, Cuss, Fish

– Something You Just Don’t Forget

– Tough People Do

– Hair

– Airwaves

– 3-2-1

– 90s Melody

– Whoa’s

– Cecilia

– Anthem

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