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Texas King

  1. Let’s start by telling your fans a little bit about you. How did Texas King come to be?
  2. A) We formed in College! I should say that it did begin as a solo project for me (Jordan); Played a few acoustic sets and 1 or 2 shows with makeshift bands made up of homies over the years, but I’d say we came to be in college at Fanshawe in London.

    There were a few shows I had played in the first year and I had this feeling like I was just having trouble getting the crowd going with just an acoustic and me. I thought, I need a band! And I knew Phil played bass and I had mentioned it to him a few times so I knew he was down, Colin had already been jamming, and then we got our boy Rob to drum.The day after graduation we hit the east coast for our first Canadian Tour! Fond memories.
  3. What is the inspiration behind your upcoming EP Capsize?
  4. A) It’s a direct follow up to our previous release “Changes”. The idea is, just because you changed, doesn’t mean you can’t change back if you aren’t careful. You come through a storm on a sailboat and you look behind you and you wipe your brow and say “FEEWF” we made it through that one… But just around the next bay there’s rough waters again and before you know it, the boat has flipped over and you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean on the hull of your boat with only a few minutes to come up with a plan. Shit gets “sink or swim” pretty quick when your boat flips in the middle of the Atlantic.

    That’s the vibe of this EP, and just admitting it… being like..yea the boat flipped HELP!!
  5. You have been on the road touring this year, do you have any upcoming tour dates after your EP drops?

    A) Yes indeed, a big year is behind us! What an amazing trip across Canada this past spring! Beautiful country and some of our best out of town shows to date! Love our fans ! Without giving away too much I think it’s totally fine for me to say … YES we’re going out forsure! Just keep your NOV and DEC open. 😉
  6. I love that you have an old school alternative/rock sound. What bands have inspired you over the years?

    A) I grew up listening to Avril, Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, Life House, a bunch of church worship music etc. As I got older I listened to Kings Of Leon a lot and the Black Keys and Gary Clarke Jr. so a bit of a mix.

    5. What has been the biggest challenge yet in your music career?

    A) I think the whole notion of being a musician is harder than people think in general. I firmly believe it’s all about perseverance and stick-to-itiveness in this game.

    You can never give up or you’ll never know. It’s hard when you have 2 broken vans in the garage and have to rent a truck after dropping 20k already on a van you thought was good to go but now needs 15k of repairs etc…

    Those days are tough… but you rent a truck, you drive to Montreal and you play to a crowd 4x as big as the last time you were there 3 years ago… and it’s all worth it.
  7. Looking back to where you started vs where you are today, what are some of your favourite career moments?
  8. A) Playing on a boat, Being flown out to the Junos, opening for the Sheepdogs in Banff at the bass of the Rocky Mountains, driving into Arizona and waking up in the vast clay red plains, going bowling with Big Wreck in St. Louis, swimming in rivers and lakes to cool down after 5 out of the 10 hr drive ahead just to cool off cause there’s no ac in the van. Seeing moose, wolves, mountain lions. Sliding into a ditch and still making it to our show on time to name a few …
  9. One of my favourite tracks is “Home”. Can you tell us the story behind it?
  10. A) It’s a song for the homesick. After a long time or even a short time away from home, there can be a longing, a sense of knowing that those back home won’t judge or point the finger of blame, they’ll just be happy to have you back. It’s a place where you’ve been missing it and it’s been missing you.. and you just can’t wait to get back. Thanks for digging it!
  11. If you could work with anyone right now in the music industry, who would it be and why?
  12. A) I’ve always wanted to do a record with Eric Ratz. I think he gets dope tones and has sweet ideas, he’s a cool dude too! I met him at a wedding, that would be cool… I also think me and Sam from X Ambassadors could do something crazy in a co-write co-produce situation.
  13. I noticed you’ve done a few cover tracks from The Killers to Arkells, do you plan to do any new cover songs to help promote your music?

    A) I think for right now we’re just focusing on our own music, but it’s always fun to whip out a cover here and there.. it’s hard to choose which covers will go over well !

    10. Despite all of your incredible success, is there anything missing? Something you haven’t achieved yet but are working towards right now?

    A) For me every day we get to still do this is a blessing. I’m still reeling from some of the sick shit we’ve been afforded the opportunity to do up to now. I know there’s bigger and better things to come and I’m really excited for that! I just try to take it all in stride !
  14. What message would you like to share with your fans as you gear up to release your new music?
    A) Summer release means its party time folks! If you see us coming to your town, COME OUT. You don’t want to miss these shows!

    We are in the CONNECTION making business this summer! Come out and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

    LOVE YOU ALL! Jord, Melly and Phil!

Instagram: @texaskingband
Twitter: @texaskingband
Facebook: /TexasKing
Official Website: https://www.texasking.ca/

Tammy Chapman is a Canadian-based writer with over a decade of experience in public relations and media. She was at one point the co-founder of Canada’s Top Mayor Award and has been running a Photography and Digital Marketing Business for over 15 years. She started freelancing for Hamilton’s Rock and Country Magazine back in 2019 as a Photographer, Concert Reviewer and Interviewer and hasn’t looked back since!

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