Interview with David Boyd Janes By Tammy Chapman

Hamilton’s Rock and Country Magazine Interview

David Boyd Janes

1. For anyone who doesn’t know you, tell us about how you first started in the music industry BEFORE Country Music?

A) Hey friends! My name is David and I’m a Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. This answer could be a long one but I will try and keep it on the shorter side. At a young age while in grade school I was part of a talent show and fell in love with performing from there. I started a rock band named Running Against Radar and led them to Germany to compete in the world finals of an indie contest. Due to some issues while on the road the band fell apart as I quite do to the members not taking it seriously. I continued to sing at karaoke bars all over Ontario, especially one in Niagara Falls called “The Beer Garden” where I really would say I cut my teeth by singing in-front of bigger crowds. Several people would always ask me if I had a band or if they could find my music somewhere and at that time I didn’t have a band or any original music out.

That all changed when a 3 year relationship came to an abrupt end in April of 2017. It was shortly after that relationship ended that I decided it was time to get back on the saddle and start chasing that dream. Currently I reside in Keswick ON and make music for a living and that’s a crazy thought when I look back at my past. After that breakup, I decided to give up my business selling furnaces and air conditioners back in late 2017 and have been writing and releasing my own songs ever since. My motto in life is “Thoughts Become Things’ ‘ and I try my best to help encourage others to chase their dreams. I’m an avid supporter of mental health and feel it’s something we need to bring to the surface to encourage others to talk about their feelings and seek help and know it’s ok to ask for help.

2. How did you end up working with Wes Mack on this track?

A) I simply messaged Wes over IG and told him I loved his work and would love to write something with him and he agreed to set up a write. He asked if his buddy Dan could join and I was over the moon about the idea! When I joined the zoom call to meet both Wes Mack and Dan Swinimer for the first time face to face (kinda lol) the conversation started with me telling them how grateful I was to be writing with them as they were both writers on another song I found a lot of personal healing from. The boys simply asked me “What do I want to write about?” My answer was something real and meaningful and we all agreed. Bleed Country was born!



3. What is the meaning behind “Bleed Country”?

A) Bleed Country is an anthem for everyone that lives this lifestyle and listening to the lyrics you will see exactly what I’m talking about. The country fans and folks take a lot of heat for songs always being about fishing, trucks, dirt roads and like the second verse says, “Now you know, why were singing about fishing, old trucks and dirt roads” it’s simply what we love and part of how we spend our free time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! Bleed Country is about bringing people together regardless of who you are or where you’re from because our love for the community is our way of Bleeding County! It’s in our blood and our bones, WE all Bleed Country!

4. Your previous songs have created such a fantastic fanbase. What can your fans expect to hear from you in 2023?

A) A LOT of new music and a brand new live show!

5. I know your fans just loved your live Q&As on Facebook, will you be doing these again any time soon?

A) Unfortunately due to a VERY bad experience with Facebook I will never return to that platform. They have a terrible security system and even worse customer service so the Q&As will need to be somewhere else and I am more than happy to always connect with my fans anyway I can 🙂

6. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming concert dates?

A) The only ones I can announce are the ones that have already been made public but my next show is April 23rd at the Rec Room in Mississauga ON as part of the Heart Of Country songwriters showcase presented and hosted by Dave Woods.

7. If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be and why?

A) This is really hard to answer. I’d have to say Eric Church! I mean come on! It would be epic! Need I say anymore?

8. Looking back to where you started vs. where you are today, what have been some of your favorite career moments?

A) Everyday that I don’t have to sell furnaces / AC’s or have to deal with my old boss and office manager is a career highlight! Working for someone that doesn’t appreciate you is simply the WORST feeling and I’m incredibly grateful that I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

9. Aside from working on your music, what else have you been up to?

A) I don’t understand the question lol I am ALWAYS working on my music and trying to get better at singing and performing each and every day! There is always Fishing, BBQn’ or my new found job dog trainer lol Training a black lab named Charlie. He’s pretty darn cute!

Thank you for the interview and opportunity to share my music and story with your platform! Much appreciated.

Instagram: @davidboydjanes

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