Sierra Noble & Johnny Reid at FirstOntairo Concert Hall on Thursday Nov 28,2019

Johnny Reid at FirstOntario Concert Hall

Review By: Tishanne Dupuis Concert: My Kind Of Christmas Who: Johnny Reid When: November 28, 2019 Where: FirstOntario Concert Hall, Hamilton, ON Sierra Noble got the night started at FirstOntario Concert Hall in Hamilton, Ontario. The young Canadian singer, songwriter and fiddler entertained the crowd with her beautiful harmonies and incredible fiddle playing. But it was with great anticipation that Johnny Reid fans awaited for the Scotish-Canadian also dubbed “Scotlands gift to Canada” to take the stage for his My Kind of Christmas Concert. Reid has an incredibly loyal fan base, and that the messages in his songs have touched many hearts as it was a full house tonight. With the curtain up, stage backlit, a recording begins to play, followed by knocking sounds that seemed to start at the back of the stage and travel forward right through everyone in the Hall, announced the beginning of what was to be an amazing celebration of the Christmas season. The curtain is finally pulled down, the crowd erupts in cheer as Reid took to the stage accompanied by his band which included a keyboard, saxophone, fiddle, guitar, drums and background vocalists starting the night off with “Run Run Rudolph”, it had everyone, clapping, singing and dancing, it was at that point the audience was captivated. We were graced with many Christmas classics and some of his own, there is no way anyone could have been disappointed by tonight’s performance! Reid definitely connects with his audience, he is warm and as personable as the stage presence he portrays, he comes right out into the crowd to mingle with everyone, giving hugs and taking the time to pose for pictures as he performs. Through out the night Reid shared his personal experiences in life and stories about his ‘gran’ who he clearly holds dear to his heart. Through his stories and music his message is there and very clear: hope, love, peace and happiness. Johnny Reid’s My Kind Of Christmas was definitely the way to kick off the Christmas season.



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