Billy Ray Cyrus at FallsView Casino Sat Oct 19,2019


Opening the night with a Johnny Cash song (Folsom prison ) had the crowd ready to party.
While singing ‘Where am I going to live when I get home’ Billy Ray Cyrus kept
teasing the audience making them think he was going to throw his hat.
Billy Ray played hit songs and new singles ‘I want my money back’ his 2nd number 1 song ‘it could of been me’.

His First gold record in was in Canada
He filmed the Tv series Doc which was filmed in Toronto and was on the air for 4 years ,He wrote ‘ Stand Still ‘ for the tv series Doc and for his dad who always
said ‘if your ever lost Stand Still ‘

Billy Ray closes the with hit songs ‘Old Town Road’ and ‘Achy breaky heart’ By Pam Astle


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