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Described as a “delightful songbird”, CMAA “Best Alternative Country Album” of 2021 nominee, Callie McCullough is excited to be releasing her latest single “Three Quarter Time” Friday February 18.

We had the chance to catch up with Callie to discuss the new track and video.


Tell us a bit about Callie McCullough … What was it like growing up in Stratford, Ontario, and what made you decide to pursue a career in country music?


Hi Guys! Thanks so much for having me! I grew up in Southwestern Ontario way out in the countryside- like ride your bike all afternoon to the convenience store Rural….My family moved to Stratford Ontario when I was 17 and I fell in love with the town and Artistic Community there…so it’s become my Hometown since then. Both of my parents were full time musicians, and I just grew up backstage and around music all the time which I loved. My Dad exposed me to a lot of Folk, Blues, and Celtic music, and my Mom a lot of Traditional Country and Bluegrass. I just fell in love with Roots Music of all kinds, and felt myself really pulled to the feels of Country Music. I always knew I wanted to sing…and so I just started fumbling along the path and here we are…


What inspired the song “Three Quarter Time”?


Three Quarter Time is really the story of my first few years in Nashville, this Album After Midnight, and the people I made it with. It’s being broke, and chasing a dream, it’s fighting to make the music that you love, sticking to your guns and loosing some opportunities along the way…it’s playing gigs downtown Nashville and turning over the tip jar to find a nickel and four pennies…Nine cents, not a dime…it’s my love of Traditional Country Music and my commentary that Country Radio has phased it out…I’ve lived every lyric of this Song, you can’t make this stuff up…

Tell us a bit about the video? What inspired you to travel to Tennessee to shoot it?


Well, I’ve actually been living in Nashville full time for coming up to 8 years, so I knew we wanted to shoot the video in a Nashville Honky-tonk. I had a blast conceptualizing this video with Director Ryan Nolan and having all my friends come in to play the characters…everything from Bachelorette Parties to Frat boys to Skeezy Record execs and Pop-Country Wannabes…the video is light, fun, sassy, and ultimately just TRUE. The video brings to life a piece of Nashville music culture (playing for tips downtown) that you just don’t see in other’s our story, and I loved getting to tell it


What can fans expect to hear from the rest of your album?


The Album really runs the gambit of different Roots sounds…it’s got some Celtic influence, some Bluegrass,Country, Folk, and Adult Contemporary.. the Title Track After Midnight is a total Parisian Vibe…it’s also a Ballad Record. Produced by Dustin Olyan, the record features members of Grammy Winning Bluegrass Band “Union Station” and Grammy Winning Western Swing Super-Group “The Time Jumpers’” so there’s a lot of first-class picking on there and beautiful Production. I’m really proud of this record- my personal Favorite tune is still “Five Dollar Pearls” which Dustin and I built from the ground up in the studio together…


Do you have any collaborations in the works? If not, who could you collaborate with if you had the chance and why?


Well, not in the works- but dream collaborations would be- James Taylor or Celine Dion. I’m obsessed with both of them.


Do you plan to do any touring in 2022? If so, where?


Yes! We’re gonna be playing shows all over the States and Canada starting in Summer!!


Other than music what other talents do you have?


I’m a pretty good cook, my friend’s say I’m hilarious at voices/impersonations/storytelling/comedy and of course I’m a stellar cat- lady.


Looking back to where you started from vs where you are today, what have been some of your favorite career moments so far?


Man, it’s kind of wild when you look back to dreaming of these things as a kid…this will be my  first video to land on CMT and that was a huge dream for me! The CCMA Alternative Album of the Year Nomination really meant alot to me because that’s the Award Show I grew up watching and dreaming of- but also because I’m so proud of the Record we made and the way we made it. But the biggest moments and rewards for me are in the art and making things- and the hilarious moments with friends along the’s getting to step out on stage and share the music you love with audiences who love it too… I’m looking forward to a lot more of that this year!


Callie’s single and video Three Quarter Time” is available on all major music platforms and is streaming on YouTube now!

Visit her website for up-to-date information.

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