REVIEW & PHOTOS: Billy J White Brad James Amy Chrum Bobby Wills Jess Moskaluke Emerson Drive At #Cider Fest Winona ont

BY PAM ASTLE / CONCERT                                                                                           REVIVEWS  / June 27th ,2015

Saturday June 27th , 2015



Billy J White

Brad James

Amy Churm

Bobby Wills

Jess Moskaluke

Emerson Drive


          Although the day started and ended with plenty of rain, you cant stop true country fans from having a good time.

          Billy J White, Brad James, Amy Churm, Bobby Wills all braved the rain and at times some pretty heavy downpours, but still  managed to get the party started.

          Jess Moskaluke kept the party going despite the heavy rains and strong winds. Crowds make the best of the situation, most under umbrellas, some under tents, some under umbrellas and tarps. People were splashing around in the mud, others narrowly being missed by a fallen tree branch, but used that branch to keep their stuff from blowing around. All the while Jess Moskaluke kept playing her hit songs.

          Headliners Emerson Drive didn’t let the rain stop them from putting on a amazing show, with hits like, “A Good Man”, “That type of Beautiful”, among others.


          Another amazing venue for Ciderfest put on by Brock and family.

Thank you to Puddicombe Estate for opening up their property to Country Music fans. With all the rain that fell on Saturday the grounds were soggy and muddy and they allowed the party to go on.


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