The Boom Chucka Boys Opened for Gord Bamford @ Sean 0 Sullivan theatre Brock University march 04-03-15

BY DAVE STINSON / CONCERT                                                                                 REVIEW / MARCH 04 2015

The Boom Chucka Boys

Opened for Gord Bamford


This band play a rocka billy country elvis twang type music very cool concept

This band is crisp clean very fan interactive and good music to boot

Very distinct sound

They do a great rendition of little sister as well as the other songs they have in their set

Crowd was having a great time watching this band they are up and comers and worthwhile going to see if they are in your town


This 19 time C.C.M.A  award winning artist sings with a great passion for country you can hear in his voice he loves to sing and it shows

The capacity crowd at the Sean o Sullivan theatre loved every moment of the show

The back band was fantastic very good musician in their own right

With bass player of the year .fiddle player of the year and other members have numerous awards and achievements as well

Gord is a show man puts on a great show very fan interactive told stories of being stuck in a ice storm in nashvile and how the city shut down with only 2 inches of snow

Gord also the day of the show visited Mac sick kids Hospital to make a 10 000 dollar donation

He has donated over 250 000 dollars over his career to numerous charities

Gord also mentioned his family and how they have moulded his career he has a son and 2 daughters

Son is going to be playing junior hockey soon and he also has a adopted son /stepson who became part of his family when his brother in law passed away

His daughters are Memphis 5 years old and paisley 8

Gord sang his classic songs from prior albums and a few new ones as well

The back up band did a fantastic rendition of the devil goes down to georgia with a medley mixed in of led zeppelin, eric Clapton, saga, queen ,pink floyd all mixed in together and done with perfection

The crowd was up and dancing and enjoying themselves all thru the show


Thoroughly enjoyed this show recommend that if Gord and his team are in your town go and watch them well worth the money





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