Ryan Follese Chris Jason Maren Morris & Sam Hunt 15 in a 30 Tour at Budweiser Stage June 15,2017

As a die hard Country music fan I have to admit I have had reservations about calling Sam hunt a Country artist. His songs are heavily pop and rap rooted, lacking fiddle or steel guitar and using synthesizers and such. During his concert, he performed many of his familiar pop-like hits like “House Party”, “Take Your Time”, “Break Up In A Small Town” and “Body Like A Backroad” which the fans loved. Hunt also sang a few songs he’s written that other artists released, like the Keith Urban song “Cop Car”, the William Michael Morgan tune “I Met A Girl”, and Kenny Chesney’s “Come Over”, but one thing he did during his show turned me into a fan and convinced me of his Country roots: The band left him alone on stage, and he sat on a stool solo with an acoustic guitar and shared stories with the audience about growing up on Country Music, and sang Country songs like Travis Tritt’s “Great Day To Be Alive”, Alan Jackson’s “Don’t Rock The Jukebox”, and Tritt’s “Here’s a Quarter” to name a few. A consummate professional and high class entertainer, he spent much of his stage time signing autographs while performing. During a cover of Outkast’s tune “Hey Ya!” he was joined on stage by opening acts Ryan Follese, Marin Morris (and Chris Janson riding across the stage on a skateboard..!!). Stage hands wheeled in a white B3-style piano for Sam to play it for one song “Make You Miss Me”. The show was high energy, and brought everyone to their feet from the moment Hunt hit the stage until the last note was played. He is both charismatic and genuine, and knows how to give his fans what they want. He is also, in this reviewer’s updated opinion, a New Country artist.

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