Review & Photos: Dry County Brett Kissel The Road Hammers at Cider Fest #Winona ont

By PAM ASTLE / CONCERT REVIEWS                                                                                  REVIEWS / June 26th 2015

4th Annual Ciderfest at Puddicombe Estate


Friday June 26th, 2015 Lineup


Dry County

Brett Kissel




          What a better way to start the 4th annual Ciderfest at Puddicome Estate then with Dry County ( Also known as The Redneck Mafia). Local boys Jeff, Keith, Randy, Rick, and Donald, belting out their hits such as “drink until shes pretty”, “god loves all his rednecks just the same” , among others. Dry County defiantly got the party started.

          Next up Brett Kissel, “the interactive artist of the year”.

Brett belted out his hit songs, “5% beer and Canadian girls”, “Raise your glass”, his newest hit “Airwaves”, omong others. Brett kept the party going, interacting with the crowd, he is very entertaining,

          Finally to end the night headliners Roadhammers, going all out with the stage set up with exhaust pipes, sang hits “Mud”, “Homegrown”, “Dixieland” among others ended the night on a high note. The Roadhammers are what the fans were waiting for and they did not disappoint.


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