Review & Photos : Dear Rouge/USS/Lights Hedley at Wtfest in #Brantford By Donna Stinson and Dwight Edwards

Photographs by Dwight Edwards

Brantford’s WTFest

Sunday June 14th, 2015




            Sundays performers at WTFest had to endure a few downpours of rain, but they didn’t let that stop their performance. Dear Rouge wows the crowd with a tune from the artist Blondie, another great performance by a female vocalist.

 Followed by USS , the crowd gets a little wilder. USS gets the crowd interacting with their tune , Long Weekend ahead of Us. As the skies open up once again, the crowd patiently awaits the arrival of Lights. She had the full attention of the drenched crowd, who didn’t seem to mind as long as the got a glimpse of her.

            To close the night, Hedly comes on stage. The crowd goes wild. Hedley puts on a amazing performance, which had people so happy to be able to experience his talent.


            WTFest was a definite success for Brantford, Ont. They have promised another great event for next year.



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