Concert Review /By Pam Astle

CIRQUE ZIVA featuring The Golden Dragon Acrobats.

These acrobats are not only mesmorizing, they are very talented, flexiable, athletic, they are simply amazing.

This show captivated the entire audience the whole night. From being on the edge of your seat with the balancing of chairs piled 6 high on top of a platform , to tilting the top chair.

The unison of the whole group was stunning.  Act 1 with the spinning rings, head balancing, ball juggling, hat juggling. What better way to end Act 1 then with the group uni-cycle.  Act 1 had the audience wondering what could they possibly do to top this.

Act 2 did just that, most definetly topped Act 1. From the rope jumping, umbrella juggling, jar and table juggling, tower of chairs had everyone in awe, taking one chair at a time adding to the platform , balancing on the sixth chair wasnt enough, he then tilted the top chair in many positions and continued balancing himself. The final act was the family bicycle adding seven people to the bike and riding around the stage. Photo’s By Dwight Edwards


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