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Starship ft. Mickey Thomas Review June 11th

Starship, the band known for hits like ‘We built this City’, and ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ recorded back in the 80’s still has it going, with a phenomenal new lead female vocals, Stephanie Calvert. They’ve been going city to city for the last few years doing a variety of shows. At their show at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada, they made me realize, wow these guys still got it.

Walking in, you instantly felt the vibe of a small, but an amazing show. The guests all had ushers to escort to their seats, and no seat in the Avalon Theatre were less than 100ft from the stage! Although at first glance the crowd may have been physically older, the rock brought out the inner youngster in them, and by the end of their opening Lay it on the Line, nearly everyone’s head was either bobbing or was singing along! What a great feeling!

After the first few classic songs, and hearing Mickey Thomas still being able to hit those amazing notes as he once did, they started singing Nothings gonna stop us now, one of their biggest hits, which really began to show the crowd Stephanie’s vocal range. I don’t know if it was the hairs standing up on my back or the 40 year old men in the back whistling that gave that away, but that song instantly won over the crowd.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the amazing guitar solos from John Roth, the bands relatively new guitarist who used to play in Winger. The solos coming from that guitar silenced the crowd. The balance that he was able to use on stage between playing amazing music and entertaining the audience was perfect. His favourite move is where he plays the guitar with his mouth for a few bars.

John wasn’t the only one with breathtaking solos though, at the end of the notorious Fool around and Fell in Love(many of you may remember it from Guardians of the Galaxy) Darrel Verdusco, the bands drummer since ’93 wrote off the end of the song with a drum solo that left the crowd cheering and on their feet.

Nearing the end of the night, they let the audience roam up to the front of the stage, rocking out with the band members. One lucky fan was able to get an autographs during the song, and Stephanie took someone’s phone and took video for them from up on the stage. Wow how I wished that was my phone!

Just as we thought the show was over the crowd got one last song starting off with a solo on the piano from Phil Bennett when the band broke into their encore, Find your way back. 

Overall, it was a great venue, a great show and I would of loved to see more younger faces there. These guys (and girl) can defiantly still put on a show and I’m going to be looking for tickets next time they come through town.

Review by Daynan Lepore


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