By Daynan Lepore / Concert Review / March 20. 2017 Green Day With Against Me At FirstOntario Centre

Would it really be a Green Day concert without some sort of animosity?


No of course not, as long as it comes out in their music too.


Opening for Green Day in their Revolution Radio tour was Against Me, matching their music style and their political views, Grace pointed out that someone in the audience would be just like her or Billie, and go out to change the world one day. Their set was solid, and hearing Willard on drums really got you itching to hear Tré Cool. Both aspects got you ready for and ended up foreshadowing Green Day’s heartfelt, and outstanding concert.


Billie wasted no time expressing his political views, however wasted even less time getting the crowd on their feet and screaming at the top of their lungs, something all Green Day concerts should have in common. This one was no different. Instantly trying to create a bond between audience and stage, a lucky front-rower(who may or may not have known all the lyrics) was brought up to sing Know Your Enemy. They tried this with 2 more songs and even gave away a Guitar to their final fan, Sophie who rocked out with them on stage.


You were really able to tell how many new fans there were in the audience by the amount of people singing their next two songs, Bang Bang and Revolution Radio from their new touring album. The roar was huge for some of their older hits but I felt like I was one of the only one singing “Cause she’s 2000 light years away” from Kerplunk 1992.


Though Green Day sure loves to talk about politics, they sure must be loving their time in Canada away from their own. Early in the show Billie was waving around a Canadian LGBT flag after they played one of their hits, Holiday, from their biggest album, American Idiot. Holiday makes reference to the American government and society, and is about anti-war, and anti-corruption. This was only just before a long speech by Billie to encourage people to search for the truth and unite as one, claiming it would be the only way through hard times.


Performances like this really make you wonder what’s next for Green Day, playing 7 songs from American Idiot, and just as many from Revolution Radio, focusing so much time talking politics. Maybe it will rekindle the flame they once had when it came to music writing. They’re already proving themselves worthy just from this new record alone. Who’s to say what’s next for Green Day? Will this is leading to something bigger?


Review by: Daynan Lepore

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