ALYSON”S STORY Children’s wish ( If you wish to Donate Please see the David Foster Donation link below) Freemans Pork (Burlington , Ont) has to date raised $2000.00

Alyson’s Story


Although Lynn and husband Jason had already lived through every parent’s worst fear, having a very sick child, they were unprepared when it happened all over again with Alyson, their second child.

When Alyson was only six months old, she began showing signs of liver failure, the exact same disease that her older brother Logan had survived.


After Alyson was born, Lynn was cautious of a reoccurrence, but the thought that her baby daughter did have the same rare mitochondrial disease and when only six months old, required a life-saving liver transplant. The donor was her dad Jason.


Alyson is now four years old and is in many ways, a typical little girl who is always happy and cheerful and loves playing with dolls. Lynn notes that although Alyson is tiny, she is also mighty. “She’s such a little stinker! She’s tiny but she’s fiery, a real firecracker” Lynn Muses. Yet Alyson is also experiencing the ill effects of her mysterious liver disease. She has low muscle tone, reduced motor skills and tremors in her hands and feet. In addition, Alyson also frequently gets viruses. Both Alyson and seven year old Logan will be on medication for the rest of their life. Although all four family members have had their DNA sent all over the world for analysis, there is still no known cause or name for the disease that Alyson and Logan have. But they are a tightly knit family and focus on the parties. Lynn, Jason and extended family routinely celebrate with parties, the key milestones in their young children’s lives. Birthdays are naturally causes for celebration but now the anniversaries of the transplants are also just as happy occasions.

“We have our children here and we are so greatful for that. We are really looking forward to Alyson’s wish trip to Disney.” Lynn says. Alyson loves the Princess Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen and is hoping to be able to meet them when she goes to Disney. Logan was already granted his wish which was a trailer. We already understand how impactful a wish is, we’ve lived it. A wish represents something positive that comes out of a very negative situation, ” Lynn says.

The following are articles that have been written about us in the Hamilton Spectator and Readers Digest and Ronald McDonald House.
I have also wrote a couple speeches and articles for other foundations ,those if you would like I can send along. Just let me know.
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You tube video I made, little did I know, her story does not end there and she continues to fight transplant viruses that threaten her life and result in days and weeks spent in hospital and multiple IVs every few months.

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